Supporting Energy Needs While Minimizing Impact
L&L is deeply committed to conducting its operations in a responsible and sustainable
manner.  Basing its environmental strategies upon scientific studies, established and
emerging industry best practices, regulatory guidelines, as well as its own extensive
operational experience, L&L strives to ensure its mining practices minimally impact the
environment while meeting the long term energy needs of its markets.

L & L works closely with national and local governments to carefully adhere to all regulatory
requirements with respect to environmental impact, ensuring its operations remain in full

New Mining Operations:  L&L and its affiliated companies ensure  any and all potential
impact to the surrounding and greater environment are completely and fully understood prior
to establishing mining operations and take appropriate measures to safeguard the

Operational Strategy: Steps to mitigate  anticipated environmental impact on the
surrounding areas are tightly integrated into all aspects of all L&L mining operations, from
exploration and permitting, development and construction to operations.

Monitoring and Evaluation: L& L continuously evaluates controlled strategies on-site.

Innovation: L & L constantly evaluates emerging and innovative mitigation measures  for
possible implementation, test them in controlled environments and, where applicable,
implements them into field operations. Moreover, L&L and its related companies seek to
develop their own improved methodologies to not only improve operational efficiencies.

On April, 10th, 2009, L&L executed a strategic plan to their clean coal and green energy
research  by donating one million personal Rule 144 shares to the Chung Yuan Christian
University Development Foundation of North America (the "Foundation") to support Chung
Yuan Christian University ("CYCU"), a leading, privately funded university located in Taiwan,  
a university with a strong engineering program.