Press Releases
L&L Energy to Voluntarily Delist from the NASDAQ Stock Exchange
April 8, 2014

L&L Energy Delivers $0.09 EPS Despite Challenging 3Q
March 18, 2014

L&L Special Independent Committee Appoints Experienced International
Attorney as New Counsel
March 17, 2014

L&L Provides Update to Shareholders
January 14, 2014

L&L Energy Announces Second Quarter Fiscal 2014 Financial Results
December 13, 2013

L&L Energy to Comply with NASDAQ Information Request
November 19, 2013

L&L Management Provides Detailed Repudiation to the GeoInvesting
November 14, 2013

L&L Management Provides Full Rebuttal and Supporting Documentation to
Special Committee
November 12, 2013

L&L Energy Obtains Membrane Technology to Strengthen Its Clean Energy
October 31, 2013

L&L Establishes Strategic Agreement with Zheshang Coal Group
October 28, 2013

L&L Establishes First Clean Energy Related Partner In China
October 15, 2013

L&L Energy Announces Initiation of Coverage by Independent Equity
Research Firm SeeThruEquity, LLC
October 10, 2013

L&L Provides Additional Information to Refute Short Seller Attack
October 7, 2013

L&L Moves Clean Energy Initiatives Forward, Appoints Strategic Advisor in
October 2, 2013

L&L Energy Announces Increase in Ownership by Management and Board
of Directors
September 27, 2013

L&L Energy Clarifies and Reaffirms Ownership of Mines
September 25, 2013

L&L Energy Produces Documentation to Repudiate Short-Seller Allegations
September 24, 2013

L&L’s Forms Independent Special Committee to Examine Short Seller
September 20, 2013

L&L Energy Responds to Short Seller Article
September 19, 2013

Strategic Initiatives and Voting Results at Annual General Meeting of
September 18, 2013

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