Management (China)
Candy Tang, MBA (China Coordinator / Special Assistant to the Chairman and CEO, US Office)
Special Assistant to the Chairman and CEO) – Ms. Tang reports directly to the Chairman and CEO and
assists in coordinating all activities throughout L&L’s Asia operations. She was formerly an Audit Associate at
PricewaterhouseCooper in Taiwan. Ms. Tang also received her MBA in Accounting from CYCU University. She
speaks both Mandarin and English fluently, travelling frequently to China.
Zhi Xie (Senior Sales Director, Guiyang Office)
Mr. Xie has 25 years of institutional coal sales experience. He was Assistant General Manager at AVIC
International Coal Logistics Co.  Prior to that, Mr. Xie worked as Coal Transportation Manager for the Guizhou
Railroad Holdings Co., where he was responsible for 30 million tons of coal sales per year.
Zhaofu Yu (Director, Yunnan Office)
Mr. Yu is a seasoned mining professional with over 30 years of experience working in the China coal industry.  
He obtained his mining supervisor license in China.  Prior to joining L&L he was the Mine Director at Xianrenye
Coal Mine, located in the Jiangxi Province. Mr. Yu studied Mineral Management at the Leping Bureau of
Jenny Cao (VP Marketing, Yunnan Office)
Ms. Cao is an expert with over 30 years of experience in international business operations, regulations,
transportation and L/C transactions. Prior to joining L&L, she was the Chairman and General Directing
Manager for Aus-Mai Technical Ltd. Co; prior to that, she was the General Manager in Aus-Mai Resources
Ltd, Co. in Australia. She has a BA degree in English at Yunnan University.
Jiang Pingjian (In House Counsel, Guiyang Office)
Mr. Jung a trained lawyer with over 10 years of experience practicing law in China. His experience focuses on
regulatory changes, mining practice, and project development.
Debra Wei- (Assistant General Manager, Yunnan Office)
Ms. Wei has experience working for three foreign enterprises and has acquired extensive knowledge in the
fields of administrative management, human resources, and business operations. She is a graduate of
Kunming College in Yunnan, China in 1988, where she studied English. Ms. Wei also obtained her Industrial
Economist Qualification Certificate in 1994.
Jessica Lin, CIA – (Internal Control Manager, Yunnan Office)
Ms. Lin is an experienced process control professional with 20 years of audit and internal control experience
for public companies. Jessica is a licensed Internal Auditor (CIA). Prior to joining L&L Ms. Lin acted as Audit
Officer for Meiqi Technology, where she was responsible for planning and executing the annual financial and
internal controls audit.
David Pu, MBA – (Manager -coal washing & distribution, Hongguo Office)
Mr. Pu has many years of experience in coal processing and computer science working with various
companies. He received his Executive MBA from National Taiwan University of Science and Technology and
BS degree in Computer Technology.
Olivia Zhang, MBA (Financial Analyst, US Office)
Ms. Zhang is a financial analyst, with MBA finance degree from St John's University in New York, with BA
degree of Beijing Foreign Trade University. She has formerly worked at Bank of China, Yunnan Foreign Trade
& Economic investment & Financing Guarantee Co  in China. She speaks both Mandarin and English fluently,
travelling between China and Seattle.
Betty Mao (CPA, Director of Accounting)
Mrs. Mao, Director of China Accounting, has over 20 years of experience  working in China with various
companies and public auditing firms. She is a China CPA with BS degree in Accounting. Mrs. Mao is stationed
in L&L’s Beijing office.
Bernice Zhao (Accounting Manager)
Mrs. Zhao coordinates the consolidation of the financial operations. She is a China CP and speaks both
English and Chinese. Bernice has a BA degree in Accounting from Shanghai University and is working at L&L’
s Kunming office.
John Chang, MBA (Director of Finance)
Mr. Chang currently is L&L Director of Finance. Formerly he was an investment banker at China Development
Industrial Bank for 10 years. Mr. Chang received a MBA from New York's Baruch College.
Jerry Chen, MBA (Accounting Manager, Taiwan)
Mr. Chen is an experience accounting professional working with big 4 accounting firms in Taiwan. He was
formerly an Assistant Manager, Audit at Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu in Taiwan. Mr. Chen also received his
MBA in Accounting from CYCU University. He speaks both Mandarin and English fluently and travels
frequently to China.
Xioaxioa Wang , (Accountant, Beijing)
Ms. Wang is a staff accountant located in L&L’s China headquarters. She is a graduate of West Virginia
University with a Masters of Accounting and Bachelors in Business Administration. Ms. Wang also has
experience in mining, as she was formerly as a Research Assistant in the Department of Mining for WVU. She
is fluent in English and Mandarin.