L&L Energy Announces 2012 Investor Site Visit in China

SEATTLE, June 28, 2012 -- L & L Energy, Inc. (NASDAQ: “LLEN”) ("L&L" or “Company”), a Seattle-based company with
five-years of profitable coal operations in China, announced that it has scheduled its annual China on-site visit for investors
and analysts on Friday August 10, 2012.

The August visit will provide investors with the opportunity to see L&L’s upgraded mining portfolio, including its Weishe mine.
Investors will meet at L&L’s Guizhou headquarters in Guiyang, China and also tour L&L’s Shin PingBa rail loading station and
DaXing wholesale facilities. Senior executives and U.S. trained, bi-lingual managers from L&L’s China team will facilitate the
tour, answering questions on L&L’s growing mining & wholesale operations in China.

The visit will start on August 10, 2012 and may continue into August 11, subject to adjustments based on investor availability
and interest. Interested parties should contact RedChip Companies at 1-800-733-2447, or Sean Morishige in L&L’s Seattle
office at (206) 264-8065.

“We started this annual investor visit in China to provide transparency and an opportunity for investors to witness L&L’s
operations and competitiveness in the industry firsthand,” stated Dickson Lee, the Company’s Chief Executive Officer. Lee
also said, “We look forward to interacting with our investors during this trip and listening to their comments on how we can
improve our operations.”

About L&L

L&L was incorporated in 1995 by the Company’s Chairman and CEO. The Company has grown from a single employee to
more than a thousand over the past 17 years. L&L has entered an expansion phase, seeking to consolidate mines in China
and expand its sphere of business operations. Using its U.S.-style quality assurance processes, the Company is upgrading its
mining portfolio and expanding its distribution network for strategic revenue growth.

Forward Looking Statements

The statements contained words that are not historical fact, including statements related to Company's future performance,
are all "forward-looking statements" within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995, and that involve
a number uncertainties. Actual results of the future events described in this document could differ materially. Other than as
required under the securities laws, the Company does not assume a duty to update these forward-looking statements.


RedChip Companies, Inc.

Sean Morishige
L&L Energy, Inc.
(206) 264-8065