L&L Energy on its Corporate Social Responsibility

SEATTLE, July 5, 2012 -- L & L Energy, Inc. (NASDAQ: LLEN) ("L&L" or “Company”), a Seattle-based company with a five-
year track record of profitable coal operations in China, announced that it pursues corporate social responsibility and
compliance with environmental protection policies, while executing its international business.

To such end, LLEN is pleased to note that its Weishe Mine, designated as model mine in HeZhang County, has commenced
various local initiatives as part of its corporate responsibilities and promotion of the Company’s suitability as mining
consolidator in Guizhou Province.

The local initiatives include priority local recruitment and training; priority local sourcing of supplies including lumber, brick, and
food provisions; visits to senior citizens; provision of small stipends to the elderly; and support to high school graduates
attending college. The Weishe Mine’s operation is steadily expanding to over 130 workers at the present time.

Dickson Lee, Chairman and CEO of L&L comments: “Last week our managers of Weishe Mine enthusiastically made
contributions to the ethnic minorities in the Guizhou Mountains. The social program builds strong relationship and trust, which
facilitates our role as mining consolidator in China. In parallel, L&L is also mindful of its US responsibility. We have provided to
a Tukwila soup kitchen in Seattle, Washington, and donated funds to a US based International Leadership Foundation (ILF)
with scholarships for the US college students. We will continue giving back to the communities as we move forward”.

Photos of some recently charitable activities in Guizhou are available at L&L’s website.

About L&L

L&L was incorporated in 1995 by the Company’s Chairman and CEO. The Company has grown from a single employee to
more than a thousand over the past 17 years. L&L has entered an expansion phase, seeking to consolidate mines in China
and expand its sphere of business operations. Using its U.S.-style quality assurance processes, the Company is upgrading its
mining portfolio and expanding its distribution network for strategic revenue growth.

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